Friday, June 26

The Checklist

To-dos before leaving for Peru:
  • Seduce a cute Peruvian boy looking to head back home--check!
  • Quit the job for which I am underqualified and overpaid, during a recession--check!
  • Sell everything that doesn't fit into the bf's sedan on craigslist for bargain prices--check!
  • Give notice to the landlord that we'll be leaving his cheap apartment in a popular area--check!
  • Cram all my belongings into two suitcases and a Trader Joes tote bag--check!
All that's left on the list is the little stuff really:
  • Find a job in Peru
  • Get a visa to be able to have a job in Peru
  • Learn Spanish
Should be easy enough. I still have 50 days.