Friday, July 9

NPR: Peru's Exotic Jungle Fruit

This NPR story on the jungle fruit aguaje's popularity was reported from Peru's jungle city Iquitos.  Besides their being delicious, the fruit is thought to make women more beautiful.

Experts are concerned that rate at which aguaje is being harvested is straining the Amazon forests.

Thursday, July 8

NY Times Travel Blog features Arequipa!

Seth Kugel of the NYT's travel blog covered Arequipa over the weekend and will soon write on northern Peru. 

There were a few things missing--pisco sours and a trip to Majes valley/Cotahuasi canyon--but overall, it's a pretty good article. 

I can, however, confirm that this "frugal traveler" definitely got ripped off; I've never taken a taxi to anywhere in Arequipa for more than 6 soles.

Thursday, July 1

NPR: Oil in Peru's Amazon Basin

So I'm back in the States for a few months (family events). But I want to keep the flow of Peru news at least at a steady drip... here is a story on NPR's Morning Edition on the effects of oil drilling in Peru's Amazon basin.