Thursday, July 8

NY Times Travel Blog features Arequipa!

Seth Kugel of the NYT's travel blog covered Arequipa over the weekend and will soon write on northern Peru. 

There were a few things missing--pisco sours and a trip to Majes valley/Cotahuasi canyon--but overall, it's a pretty good article. 

I can, however, confirm that this "frugal traveler" definitely got ripped off; I've never taken a taxi to anywhere in Arequipa for more than 6 soles.


  1. Every aspect of this adventure sounds so enthralling You must have some amazing memories and have definitely convinced me that I need to travel to Peru.

  2. Bus travel is the cheapest way to travel around in Peru. I would love for you to find out the best bus companies in Peru and then do a blog post around it.