Saturday, March 6

"Stitch & Bitch" in Lima

"Stitch and bitch" is a phrase women often use to describe their weekly sewing groups. They get together to sew or knit, as well as "bitch" about their jobs, husbands and other frustrations. 

Well the idea is not uncommon in Peru either. This PBS Newshour article (thanks Aunt Marsha) talks about a knitting circle in Lima called "Mujeres Unidas." They stitch great hats and other pieces out of alpaca yarn.

And they bitch as well. But their complaints, that of a poor district of Lima, are a bit different than those of the quilting group in my hometown. They vent frustrations about not having water in their homes, and instead having to wait in line at 4 a.m. to get enough for their basic needs. 

Beyond sharing friendships and knitting needles, the group generates an annual profit of $600 for each individual. Their hand-knitted hats are sold internationally, and make another important source of income for many of the group's participants. 

Read more about this cool group and its interesting story here.


  1. I too am in Arequipa from the states, although only for a few months. I'm enjoying reading your blog. I found it when I searched for "pork adobo" which my host family served me last weekend for breakfast. Delicious!

  2. I really enjoyed your posts about Colca Canyon. Sounds like it is quite the place to visit. I'm sure the pictures do it little justice - it's never like BEING there and taking in all the views and angles!

    I appreciate your posts on items like the amounts of Peruvians who have been affected by the quake in Chile. I don't know that many others think about the numbers of migrant workers in those areas (even though we have them ourselves - from Mexico). It truly is amazing what kind of ripple effect disasters (natural and otherwise) can have on the whole world.

    I have also been a part of several of those types of groups to get together to knit, sew, scrapbook, and whatever, and although I'm one to listen and not get in on the bitching part of them, I now know that until I have no running water, sturdy roof over my head, enough to eat, and other life-sustaining needs, I really don't have anything to bitch about!

  3. thanks for the reference honey!