Monday, April 19

*The* Matadero: The Prince

[[Preface: So for the three people that read this thing, sorry for being MIA these past two weeks. Life was calling me.]]

Finally, I have friends here--about five in total, but still!  A few of them have seen my blog and, as native Arequipeños, had a few important corrections to make. 

They immediately noted that my previous post--"Mataderos=Back of a Chevy?"--lacked mention of the most notorious sleezy hotels for young couples: El Principe or The Prince. 

Obviously, we had to go there immediately and take a few discreet photos:

Why everyone knows about this little one that's a bit out of the way still puzzles me, but I sure liked the name, and the matadero coat of arms. 

Thanks Bryam and Eder :)

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  1. I didn't figure anything had HAPPENED to you, but I was wondering where you were!! Life is happening here, too, so I TOTALLY understand! How fun to find all this little information from those who know the area!! Glad to see you back and hope all is well!!