Sunday, January 24

2010: The real "Coca" Cola?

Remember when "I drank cocaine" back in September? Well, now there will be more than just mate de coca for me to choose from. 

Inca Kola News wrote about this upcoming product from Bolivia:

In 2010, a factory in Cochabamba Bolivia will start producing an energy drink made from coca leaves that will go by the name "Coca Colla" (a play on words, as indigenous Bolivians are sometimes known as Collas or Kollas that comes from the pre-Colombian Colla people of the Antiplano region, esp around lake Titicaca). No packshot yet, but apparently it's going to be dark coloured, sweet and fizzy. Remind you of anything?

Here's a longer story on it, which the "Super Snarky" Latin America blog linked to.

In Peru, the cultivation of the coca leaf, the principal ingredient in cocaine and an important piece of Andean culture, is a controversial subject. This five-minute LinkTV video talks a bit about the problem.

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