Thursday, January 21

Homemade chicha morada

Remember the purple corn we bought at the Avelino market? With Señor Raúl's guidance, mom and I used it to make chicha morada two days in a row.

Chicha morada--one variation of the Andean corn beverage, which is often fermented--is pretty easy to make. 
We boiled about seven cobs of dried purple corn in a full pot of water for 15 minutes, and the liquid that emerged was the purple corn drink itself. With a bit of sugar and fresh lime juice, it was ready to serve. 

Sergio, drinking our chicha morada out of his dad's traditional chicha glass, looked a little frightened at first by our new interest in brewing, but he drank it all!

Postscript: If you're interested, this New York Times article on Peru chicha explains all about the various types, as well as the traditional picanterias where Peruvians go to drink chicha along with their spicy meals.

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