Friday, February 12

The First Academy Award Nomination for Peru!

When you cuddle up to watch the Oscars on March 7, keep your eye out for La Teta Asustada (English title: The Milk of Sorrow), the first Academy Award nomination ever for Peru

At least everyone here will be watching. In the "humble Lima neighborhood of Machay" where the movie was filmed, residents--many of whom were extras in the film--will come down to watch the ceremony on a big screen in the plaza. 

The lead actress, Magaly Solier, sings in Quechua in the film to earn money. But she says she might also sing in Quechua and English for the awards ceremony. 

Magaly plans to chew a coca leaf for luck, and in solidarity with the Andean people of Peru, she said on her website. I don't know if she knows that the U.S.G. won't let her bring even one leaf to Los Angeles. Maybe she can chew on something else. 

I would give my personal reaction to the film, but unfortunately, I haven't seen it. (The version we could find here was pirated in a movie theatre, complete with sounds of people munching on popcorn and whispering comments so loud that we couldn't hear the dialogue.)

But in any case, here is a trailer of the film for you to preview. 

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  1. Thats a shame our pirated copy (outside of Saga) was an excellent reproduction. Awesome movie.