Friday, February 5

Uh, what is Machu Picchu anyway?

It wasn't the Incan capital. It wasn't their last refuge either. What was Machu Picchu? 

If you just read my two posts (see Feb. 3 and Jan. 25) and thought to yourself, hmm, I've heard of Machu Picchu before, but what is it, really....

...well this PBS documentary, "Ghosts of Machu Picchu," is definitely for you. 

Or even if you already know about Machu Picchu, well, the video is free and online, so why not?


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  2. Thanks for posting... especially the PBS special on Machu Picchu. We'll be studying it in my classroom (4th grade) in just a few weeks as part of our reading program. I'm looking forward to showing the special to them. Enjoy your time there! Look forward to seeing you in June!

    Rhonda Wenum