Sunday, September 20

The Story of Marcela, the Giant Bear-Like Dog, Pt 1

Once upon a time (approx. 23 years ago) in a land far, far away (Peru) lived a little boy named David. 

David (pronounced Dah-veed) loved his pets. He had a rabbit, a hamster, a dog and a cat. 

One day, David grew up. He moved away, and left his little pets behind. David was sad. David felt alone, so he bought a new pet. A BIG pet. A giant bear-sized dog. Her name was Marcela.

Marcela and David were happy together. Then one day, David had to move. His boss said so. So he put all his things in his suitcase and moved to a new house with Marcela. 

But in the new house, there wasn't enough space for Marcela. She grew and grew, and the house got smaller and smaller. David didn't know what to do. He felt sad for Marcela, and a bit squished. 

So he took Marcela far far away to his parent's house. It had a large patio with lots of dirt and plenty of space for a growing giant bear-sized dog. Marcela was happy! David felt better, and less squished. 

Marcela grew, and Grew, and GREW! Until one day... she was so big that she couldn't share the house with the other pets anymore. So she ate David's pet rabbit.

But she didn't stop growing. The house got so small one day that Marcela pushed by David's mom, and David's dad and pushed herself right out the front door and onto the street. There she found other dogs! They were all shapes and sizes, and had new and exciting smells! She loved being outside. 

There on the street, she met a very special dog (type stray extraordinaire). They fell in love. 

But Marcela didn't say a thing, until one day David's brother Sergio noticed something was different about her. She was getting a belly, and lying around a lot. She looked ready to feed her babies milk---wait...BABIES?!?! 

David doesn't know about Marcela's love, or her future babies. David would be mad because he picked Marcela for her pure blood and elite breed, so Sergio doesn't tell him. Neither does David's mom or dad.

So Marcela sits around and waits for the right moment to tell David her big news. Everyone waits to tell David the big news.

~To Be Continued~


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