Friday, September 25

The true meaning of cabron, Humala Pt 1

The Spanish word cabron comes from cabro (the male goat); it is used to call someone a coward.  Recently, cabron has dominated the national news. 

One of the candidates for the 2011 presidential elections, Ollanta Humala, called former President Alberto Fujimori and current President Alan Garcia cabrones. Politicians and newscasters are having a hay day with it. It's inappropriate. It's uncouth. It's kind of funny. That's why they love it. 

This cartoon, for example, pokes fun at Humala:

This week, President Alan Garcia put the onus on the Organization of American States (OEA) and Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) to halt the hyper-militarization of Latin America. He said that if these two organizations couldn't do anything to temper military spending in Latin America,  they were useless. 

He did call OEA and UNASUR cowards with a little stately grace, unlike Humala, who evokes vocabulary inappropriate for political settings.  

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