Wednesday, September 30

The real reason I now watch TV

Sergio and I made the big purchase I told myself I'd never make. We bought a TV. 

I resisted at first, but then Sergio reminded me that the nightly news programs like "Prensa Libre" (Free Press) and "Enemigos Intimos" (Intimate Enemies) would be a good way to keep up with Peru current events. 

Also, they have this great national TV channel that always has a historical, cultural or generally educational program on, specifically about Peru. 

I grudgingly admit that it's been nice for me to have a TV. Also because the primetime telenovelas (soap operas) are easy for me to follow.

But to be honest, the real reason I watch TV is for that one lucky moment when they show this great commercial for Peru's yellow pages. Sergio's brother taught me the lyrics, so I can even sing along:

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