Wednesday, October 21

How do you say "rebound" in Spanish?

Actually, it's rebote. And I will need to learn a lot more basketball lingo now that I'm going to be playing in Arequipa's women's league!

I went down to el coliseo municipal and found the league president behind iron grates in a small, trashed office. He led me to the gym and had me do a bunch of exercises to evaluate my level. I had to learn the words for layup, jump shot, fake, dribble and more. Soon, another coach showed up and did another few exercises with me.

A few hours later--to my surprise--they put me on a team! I will be playing for Cosmos Sachaca, and our first game is tomorrow. I checked out the league's website, and it looks like the team might be second to last, with few good players, but that's cool with me! I will be lucky if they put up with me. 

My first partido is tomorrow (yikes) and I get a snazzy uniform. So wish me luck! Go Cosmos!

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