Monday, December 14

Give me my yapa!

If you order a drink or food, don't forget to ask for your yapa.  

Dame la yapa por favor (Please give me my extra).  
Tendrías algo de yapa para dar? (Would you have a little extra to give?)
La yapa, por fa. (My gift, please)

You hear these phrases a lot, especially with the emoliente vendors. These folks have a little stand on the corner where they mix for you a special herb tea. Usually it's about 30 cents for a glass. But all the customers expect to receive their yapa, a whole glass extra. 

But yesterday I got my yapa in the form of alcohol! Sergio ordered leche de tigre, or tiger's milk, a drink made from the juice from ceviche. I ordered a pisco sour, a mixed drink with egg, rum (pisco), sugar and lemon juice.  

It took about 20 minutes for our drink order to be served, which wasn't a big deal because we were watching soccer. But when the waiter apologized for it taking so long, Sergio said, "Well, how 'bout the yapa?" To appease us customers, the waiter gave me a whole second glass of pisco sour! 

At the bakery too, most fresh breads sell for at least five per sol (30 cents). Often times, though, people ask for their yapa. The clerk will throw in another piece for free.

The yapa, of course, doesn't apply when you go to buy shoes. They don't throw in another pair. I think the yapa tradition comes with food or drink. 

Because I'm a foodie, gee, do I like this special custom! Maybe I'll be asking for my yapa at McDonald's when I get back. Think they would give me a few extra fries?

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