Sunday, December 27

Bush in a poncho? Bike-powered washers?

Christmas presents and greeting cards have drained me of my creative energy. Luckily, Peruvians don't seem to be lacking in that area, so I have something to blog about tonight!

Trend Hunter magazine published an online slideshow of "11 Peruvian Innovations," ideas that break the mold or set a new trend.  

I knew that Peruvians ate guinea pig--I've tried it and it tastes like chicken--but I wasn't aware that they used the rodents to model clothing.

Somehow, Peru was able to get former Prez W. into a poncho when he came down for the APEC summit. Wish I would have thought of that.

And as you can guess from my previous post, I actually wish I had a bicycle-powered washing machine or bicilavadora:

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