Monday, November 30

Laura gets F- in handwashing clothes

So I suck at it. Washing clothes by hand, that is. Sergio has tried several times to teach me, but most of the time he just gets frustrated and says, "Go do your things, kitten. I'll take care of it." 

The first time I washed clothes with both Sergio's mom and dad, they broke out laughing!!! 

As of late, I have been trying to get these things down--washing clothes and dishes by hand and managing without water for a day or so. So today, when Sergio said it was time to wash, I insisted he let me help. 

When we were at the other apartment the first month, they had this nice little laundry sink on the back patio. Sergio's family actually has one too, but have had to use it for washing bakery dishes. So it's out of order for now. 

We used four or five different washpans to have various batches washing, rinsing and waiting for the line. We filled buckets of water to keep the washing going. 

Sergio's dad joined in, which makes things go faster, but also makes me a TEENY bit uncomfortable because my intimates are in the batch.

But even with his help, we have spent the last three hours washing our dirty clothes just from last week. As I write, Sergio is still at it. (Yes, he eventually gave up on me.)

I asked Sergio today if, after three months, I was getting any better at washing. He said, "Well, if before you were at a 3, now you're at a 4." Unfortunately the grading scale in Peru is 0-20, so I'm still far from a passing grade. 

But I get style points for enthusiasm! Here's the final product:

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