Wednesday, November 4

Where to find your stolen cell phone

As we were leaving the crowded San Francisco street on Halloween night, the mob became so dense that at one point both of us had to push through. 

I didn't think much of it until just a few minutes later, I wanted to check the time--and my cell phone was gone from Sergio's front pocket.  In all that pushing and shoving, someone had snatched it!

The story wasn't really worth telling until today, when I bought that same cell phone back. 

Sergio and I went down to the little black market--booth after booth of "used" and "almost new" cell phones--which, ironically, was guarded by three policeman, I assume so no one comes to *steal* the stolen cell phones.

We perused and negotiated until suddenly Sergio called me over. He had found my original cell phone!! Same blue cover. Same scratches on the screen. 

I asked the clerk if it was used or new. "Brand new, never been used," she said. I asked her what the price was. "180 soles." That's 60 soles more than what I originally paid, at the same black market I originally bought it at!

By mentioning that this might be my original cell phone, stolen just last weekend, the price *suddenly* dropped by 60 soles

When you think about the whole cycle, it's pretty funny. I bought a (probably) stolen cell phone on the black market, which was then stolen from me, and I then bought back. 

If I were a better person, I might not have supported this vicious cycle of delinquency the first time, and especially the second. 

But then again, I would be out 60 soles twice over. And at least I know where to find my cell next time it gets jacked.

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