Saturday, November 7

What? A NYTimes story on Peru?

I've waited three months, but the New York Times finally covered Peru!  

Their Andes correspondent Simon Romero is usually following Chavez' every ridiculous move in Venezuela or covering the Chevron conflict in Ecuador, but with the help of Peru stringer, Andrea Zarate, this article came out today: "Ecosystem in Peru is losing a key ally"

“With Peru’s glaciers predicted to disappear by 2050, the Andes need trees to capture the moisture coming from Amazonia, which is also the source of water going down to the coast,” said Mr. Chepstow-Lusty in an interview from Cuzco, in Peru’s highlands. “Hence a major program of reforestation is required, both in the Andes and on the coast.”

Nothing on this scale is happening around Ica. Instead, the growth that one sees in poor villages are of shantytowns called pueblos jóvenes, where residents eke out a living as farmhands or in mining camps.  

If you're interested in Peru and the environment, I recently posted about the struggles Arequipa faces, as well as global warming's effects in Andes.

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