Friday, November 6

Photographic activism

Speaking of photos, I just finished reading a collection of essays about Peru edited by Robin Kirk and Orin Starn. The last entry included is a photo essay by Lima-based TAFOS, an organization dedicated to putting the power of photography in the hands of Peruvians.

As the editors explain: 
"Apart from family snapshots, most photographs of Peru are taken by 'outsiders' looking in--tourists, journalists, anthropologists, aid workers. But the Lima-based Social Photography Workshops (TAFOS) has put Yashica T3 cameras loaded with T-MAX film in the hands of 'insiders,' with dramatic results. Not only is their relation to their subjects unique (they are members of the communities they photograph); they also capture moments invisible to most outsiders, like the lonely protest march of peasants across a Puno moor or the street vendor hawking his wares against an ancient Inca wall."
The site itself has a whole archive of photos, as well as more about the organization, but I found this photo to share here:

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